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Someone saving moneyNowadays, people are always looking for innovative ways to save money. Some may think it is a good idea to perhaps scale back their insurance coverage to trim a few dollars, but this could cost them dearly down the road.

At Soucy Insurance, we are constantly researching the best ways to maximize your insurance investment. Without running the risk of being underinsured, we offer the following tips to reduce the costs of your home and auto insurance:

  • Make certain your homeowners’ insurance coverage is based on what it would cost to rebuild your home and replace all belongings in the event of catastrophe.
    • Do: Consider raising your deductible as it could save up to 25% on your annual premium.
  • Never choose a policy based solely on price.
    • Do: Make certain the company is reputable and has responsive customer service. This will prove crucial in the event of a claim.  It is also a good idea to ask family and friends for recommendations.
  • Do not neglect to purchase flood insurance, even if your home has never flooded before. Damage from ground water flooding can be devastating and is not covered under a standard homeowners’ insurance policy.
    • Do:  Visit to learn how inexpensive this investment in peace of mind can be.
  • Avoid simply purchasing the minimum amount of liability insurance for your car. This could leave you vulnerable to high out-of-pocket payments if you are sued.
    • Do: Shop for the best policy, consider high deductibles and eliminate collision on older, less expensive vehicles.
  • Remember your landlord is not responsible for your personal belongings in the event of a natural disaster (such as fire). Many renters believe their landlord’s homeowners’ insurance will cover them, but this is a costly mistake.
    • Do: Research possible discounts of combining renters, auto and life insurance all together.  You may be surprised that in many cases you can actually enhance your coverage and save money. 

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