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Many homeowners have installed wood stoves as a primary or secondary source of heat as a way to save on fuel costs during these challenging economic times. If you use a wood stove, then you will want to follow safety guidelines recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Here are some suggestions for safe and proper wood stove usage:

  • Open the stove dampers before starting a fire.
  • Keep dry wood and flammable items such as draperies, towels, books and newspapers away from the stove.
  • Use clean newspaper or kindling to start a fire, not kerosene, starter fluid or gasoline.
  • Empty the ashes from the stove once per week during the heating season.
  • Dispose ashes in a metal container with a lid.
  • Inspect pipes and connections once a month for creosote and soot buildup.
  • Hire a professional to clean the stove vents and chimney once a year.
  • Install and maintain a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.
  • Place the stove on a fire resistant base.

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