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Progressive Insurance recently informed their agents of important information regarding airbags that they learned from the U.S. DOT. Learn more from Progressive’s message below.

USDOT Warns of Faulty Airbags

Yesterday evening we learned from the U.S. Department of Transportation that they are warning the public about a major concern involving the purchase and installation of a significant number of potentially faulty air bags by independent repairshops around the country. The DOT will announce a process for the public to follow to determine if their vehicle may be at risk. That process may involve questions for insurers who paid claims for air bag replacements.

As one of many insurance carriers across the country who use independent repair shops for customer claims, we’re committed to helping our agents and their customers resolve questions and concerns regarding the safety of their air bags. If your customers think their vehicle may be affected, they can contact our customer call center at 877-856-2850.

Please note that the DOT estimates less than one tenth of one percent of all vehicles may be affected, and they have narrowed the incident window down to within the last three years.

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