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In order to own a home, it is required that the homeowner secures adequate insurance coverage.  If you rent a home or apartment, your landlord is responsible for attaining homeowners’ insurance.  Unfortunately, many renters are unaware that, in the event of a loss, their personal possessions will not be covered under the homeowners’ insurance policy.

While this may surprise many renters, there is good news.  Since renter’s insurance covers only the value of your belongings, not the physical building, the premium is relatively inexpensive.  This coverage ensures your protection in the event of losses sustained from fire or smoke, lightning, vandalism, theft, explosion, wind, and water damage (not including floods).  This coverage is similar to a typical homeowners’ insurance policy, as it also covers your financial responsibility should anyone be injured at your home or elsewhere by you, a family member or your pet and pays legal defense costs should you be taken to court.

Coverage can also include additional living expenses if you and your family become displaced by the loss, but some limitations will apply. For more information on securing adequate rental insurance, contact your independent, Trusted Choice insurance agent at 401. 762.2218.


Post Author: Soucy