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shutterstock_408787645While a day on the water is a fun warm weather tradition for many families, it poses several safety risks that should always be taken into consideration when boating. Nevertheless, these risks don’t have to ruin your fun if you plan ahead and use common sense. Before you head out for the first time, Soucy Insurance would like to remind you to always practice safe habits by following these tips.

Watercraft Insurance: If you own a boat, watercraft insurance is your best bet to ensure protection: It covers theft, damage, and injuries or accidents while you’re on the water, as well as some of your expensive water sports gear.

Life Preservers Aren’t Just for Kids: It’s not enough to just have life jackets on board — wear them! This rule applies to adults, not just children: More people in their 30s die in boating accidents than any other age group. Before you set sail, make sure there is a life preserver for each passenger on board.

Drink Responsibly: More than 50 percent of drowning’s result from boating incidents involving alcohol. You don’t drink and drive, so don’t boat and drive.

Boats Need TLC Too: When you’re out on the water, make sure your gas tanks are vented and bilges are free of vapors, oil, waste and grease. Carry a charged fire extinguisher. Have your boat’s operating systems checked yearly by a certified marine technician.

Experience Counts: According to the U.S. Coast Guard, operator errors account for approximately 70 percent of all boating accidents. Make sure anyone who drives your boat is properly trained or supervised by someone who is.

As a reminder, it is important to have proper watercraft insurance in place before you set sail. At Soucy Insurance, we have a variety of insurance options and will work diligently to fit our products to your needs. Our agency will also research to see if there are any discounts or credits that you may qualify for. For additional information, visit us at or call our office at (401) 762-2218.

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