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It goes without saying that loss control can be a challenge for any business.

Bars, taverns, and late-night restaurants face increased loss risks because patrons could have too much to drink and your employees can be fatigued after working long hours. Additionally, the restaurant industry generally has high staff turnover, which can inhibit an employer’s efforts to consistently train employees in loss control techniques.

Buying more coverage is an option. However, Soucy Insurance Agency has provided some tips that, combined with your current commercial insurance, can help lessen the chances of unnecessary loss in your business.

Dealing with Intoxicated Customers: Be sure to follow procedures that are in place to deal with obviously intoxicated customers. These procedures should include refusal to serve alcohol to an excessively intoxicated person, which is not only a good procedure to follow but can also help avoid legal liability for negligently serving alcohol.

Designated Drivers: Encourage designated drivers by offering them free sodas and other similar incentives.

Drinking and Dancing: An easy way to prevent injuries and rein in rowdy crowds is to ban drinks from the dance floor.

Skid-Proof: Require your employees to wear skid-proof shoes to avoid a major slip-and-fall accident.

Lighting: Inside low lighting can set the right mood. But be sure outdoor parking areas and sidewalks are well lit.

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