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A family with their RVIf your RV has been kept in storage this winter, it is time to start preparing it for regular use. While your vehicle may have been properly secured, it may still been impacted by winter weather. Before you head out to parts unknown, conducting a proper inspection of your RV will help ensure that it runs efficiently all season long.

Before you hit the road this year, Soucy Insurance has compiled an RV checklist to ensure a safe, enjoyable season:

  1. Inspect the outside of your RV for any cracks, dents, or possible signs of fuel leakage. Once you’ve determined the outside is intact, wash it with an exterior exclusive soap.
  2. Check the interior as you did for the exterior. Be sure to look for any discoloring or stains, as these are signs of possible roof leakage.
  3. If your RV has been in storage all winter, it needs to be properly ventilated. Remember to vacuum the carpets and clean interior surfaces as needed.
  4. Check your fuel line and other connections. If you notice any chewed wiring or appliances, you should examine the vehicle for insect and rodent nests.
  5. Drain and flush your freshwater tank using the correct bleach/water solution as stated in your owner’s manual.
  6. In accordance with the manual, have a complete maintenance procedure performed by a certified professional.
  7. Inspect and repair any utilities as needed. Check the battery levels in your smoke detectors and replace them to ensure proper working order.

As a reminder, it is important to have proper RV insurance in place before you hit the open road. At Soucy Insurance, we have a variety of insurance options and we will work diligently to fit our products to your needs. Our agency will also work with you to see if there are any discounts or credits that you may qualify for. For additional information, visit us at or call our office at (401) 762-2218.

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