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Car Crash with auto insurance

At Soucy Insurance, we design each of our auto insurance policies to provide you with peace of mind on the open road. We offer a comprehensive line of auto insurance policies at competitive prices to match your specific needs. Although cases vary slightly depending on your situation, our experienced insurance agents will offer you the best coverage at a competitive rate. Whatever your insurance needs are, we have the insurance company for you.

Our Personal Lines department will quickly compare your current coverage with several other insurance options at the same time, to ensure you receive the best rates possible. We can also help you determine the appropriate insurance values for your properties with residential cost estimators. And by packaging your automotive, homeowners and excess liability policies, you may also qualify for additional discounts with our package policy programs.

Whether it’s your first time purchasing auto insurance or are looking for a new provider, we have the insurance plan for you.  To find out more information or to see if you are currently eligible for any discounts, visit or call 401-762-2218.

*Information for this blog provided by the Insurance Information Institute (III)

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