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Your son or daughter has been accepted into college, and in just a few short weeks, he or she will start their first semester of their freshman year. College Student

It’s likely that when they first received their Driver’s License, you also put them on your insurance. But now that they’re moving away without access to their car, you’re looking to save money on your monthly car insurance bill.

Fortunately, some auto insurers offer a discount on insurance for students away at college with no access to a car except over vacations, breaks and summer. They refer to it as a “distant student discount” or a similar term. Your college student could be eligible for a distant student discount if he or she meets certain criteria. These may be:

  • The student must be over 100 miles away (or further for some insurers).
  • The student must be under the age of 23.
  • The student must be attending college full-time.
  • The student must not have access to a covered vehicle while at school. (That is, a vehicle covered under your policy. He can drive someone else’s car, but it better have insurance).

Some insurance carriers allow student’s to be taken off the policy completely while away at school. This is referred to as a “deferred driver” and can save you even more money. Just remember to add your student back onto your insurance once they come home to drive one of your covered cars.

Since every insurance company differs in their terminology and their requirements of student discounts, we encourage you to contact your independent insurance agent to ask if this discount could be available to you. Please call Soucy Insurance Agency at 401-762-2218 with any questions.

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