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An umbrella policyAn umbrella policy takes over where your homeowners and auto insurance coverage stops, protecting you if you are sued or found liable for causing injury to an individual or their property. An umbrella policy ensures that you and your family are protected from expensive claims and lawsuits.

When taking into consideration that a person found at-fault would be held accountable for expenses such as medical bills, possible rehabilitation therapy, lost wages and legal defense, it is often the case that the typical homeowner and auto insurance policy does not provide enough coverage. An umbrella policy, however, can provide as much as ten times the amount of coverage as a traditional homeowner or auto policy, potentially giving you up to one million dollars worth of protection for as little as $150 – $200 a year.

Umbrella policies are no longer “just for the wealthy,” especially now that lawsuits are occurring more frequently than ever and the average award size has dramatically increased. Umbrella policies provide a large amount of liability protection without a large price tag, giving you the peace of mind that you are equipped to handle any bad weather that just might be heading your way.

Our agents would be happy to answer any questions you may have about umbrella insurance. For more information on how you can enhance your insurance protection, call Soucy Insurance today at 401.762.2218.

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