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Summer showers can sometimes bring heavy rainfall, which can result in a power outage. Power outages aren’t often devastating, but if it becomes long-term, it can have harmful effects to the food in your home that relies on electricity to keep fresh. Sometimes, these items can have sentimental value, such as an anniversary cake, or it can be costly, like many pounds of stored meat.

In the future, rather than loosing money while throwing out spoiled food, consider adding a refrigerated products endorsement to your homeowners’ policy. A refrigerated products endorsement insures up to a pre-determined amount in losses, requires only a small premium and calls for no deductible.

Once you have secured this important endorsement, you are eligible for reimbursement if the food spoilage is due to a temperature change in the refrigerator, specifically, if a mechanical breakdown or failure, blown fuse or burned out electrical motor is the result of an electrical interruption. You should be aware, however, that if you plan to claim a mechanical or electrical breakdown, you must be able to maintain that the equipment was in proper working condition prior to the food spoilage.

By purchasing this valuable endorsement, you can rest assured that the next time the power goes out, you’re covered for refrigerated losses. If you would like further information on a refrigerated products endorsement, please call Soucy Insurance at 401-762-2218.

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